Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Who can participate?

Q. Can I use my old Business Commute Challenge screen name and password?

Q. How are teams formed?

Q. What does a Team Captain do?

Q. Should my business register as one or can we break it down into work group teams?

Q. How is a team size determined?

Q. I have both full and part-time employees, how do I count them on my team numbers?

Q. Not all of my teammates have internet access.

Q.  I already use alternative modes for my commute? What is in it for me?

Q. How do I report my commute trip?

Q. Can I edit my commute trip report?

Q. I carpooled to work and took the bus home.  Can I report two different  modes?

Q. I rode my bike to the bus, or walked to my carpool. How do I count this in the report?

Q. I use both the Bus and EmX for my commute. Which one should I choose as my mode?

Q. I take a lot of work trips during the day, can I get credit for these?

Q. Can I report a telework trip if I live out of state and my employer is in the Eugene-Springfield area?

Q. Is there a trip reporting deadline?

Q. Why don’t motorcycles or electric vehicles count?

Q. How can I win prizes?

Q. What are the prizes?

Q. Do I have to use the mode of transportation listed on each day on the calendar of events?



Employees that commute into or within the Eugene-Springfield-Coburg area.  Students are not eligible.

Q. Can I use my old Business Commute Challenge screen name and password?

Every year the database is deleted but if you have a favorite one, you can enter it again with a password to start over. This allows us to have an accurate and current list of participants. People change emails, change jobs and want to rename their team.

Every team needs a Team Captain. The first person who creates a team is automatically the Team Captain. If they don’t want to be a team captain, email or call 541-682-6206 with the new Team Captain information and we can change it. Read Team Name and Team Number for further information.
Team Captains pump their teams up! A Team Captain is an enthusiastic ambassador for commute options. They encourage other employees to participate and communicate with their team about the BCC, what prizes are up for grabs, and what each participant needs to do to report. Do you like a good challenge and like leaving the car at home? Then you are what we are looking for! Team Captains will receive a Team Captain Kit filled with ideas and incentives to encourage their teammates to participate in the BCC. (go to Team Captains tab for list of tools to help)
We encourage you to decide what works best for your organization. If your business has different locations or it is just too big to rally everyone, then your organization can have multiple teams as long as you use the same Parent Organization. (Read Team Name and Team Number)
The team size consists of 100% of your employees in your department or organization (depends on if you are signing up as a department or as an entire organization).
Example: If the Finance Department has 30 people in their department but only 8 will participate in the BCC, the Finance Department Team size is 30 and will compete against other teams in the Medium team size category. If an employee will be on vacation that week, do not include them in your team size count.
There are six team size categories:
X-Small: 2-6
Small: 7-12
Medium: 13-25
Large: 26-75
X-Large: 76-299
XX-Large: 300+
Check the drop down menu under Parent Organization/ Team Name to see if your organization /team already exists.

Everyone is encouraged to participate and be included! The main goal of the Business Commute Challenge is to introduce new ways to work and to have FUN! Part-time employees count as one person even if they do not work 5 days a week. Not everyone who works 5 days a week will use an alternative mode every day. Every commute trip counts!
Team captains will be able to report for their teammate commutes.
Team captains can register a teammate by clicking on the sign-up button and filling in their teammates commute information on the my profile page.  See Team Captains tab for more information please call Cody at 541-682-6206 and we will work together to make it happen.

Q. I want to see how my team is doing.
On the website, when you are logged in, click on the “My Team Stats” tab on the left, click on the link at the top of the page to download stats.  It will export your teams’ stats into an Excel spreadsheet. Voila!

The BCC offers you an opportunity to be a role model for others, you will have a chance to win fun prizes, and by reporting your trips it will give us a more accurate number of how many people are commuting by alternative modes. Whynot try a different mode just for the heck of it? Or...Double Dog Dare someone to join the BCC?

Thank you for already choosing to use alternative modes!

Log in with your 2018 BCC Username and Password. Then click the blue report commute button on the home page starting May 11. It will take you to your commute page. Select your primary method and total miles commuted ONE-WAY TO and FROM WORK each day.
YES! You can edit your trips up until Monday, May 20 by 5:00 p.m.  Just click on the day you wish to change and edit.  Simple!
YES! You can report different trip modes for one day.
If you are walking or biking to get to the bus, then count this as a bus trip. If you are walking or biking a substantial distance, then feel free to average your reports to indicate this. For Example: If you walk one mile to get to the bus and the bus continues another four miles to get you to work, and you do this all week, then report one day as walking and four days as busing. This will keep the stats pretty accurate. Otherwise, just report for your primary mode.
Pick the one you used for the longest portion of your trip.  
No. We do appreciate it that you are using other modes for trips during the day. For the BCC, we are only capturing your commute to and from work.
In order for a telework to qualify, you need to live within “daily driving distance” to your work. The goal is to take a car that would normally be driven each day to work off the road. Employees who work outside the drivable area or have traveled outside of the area cannot claim those miles as a tele-commute.
Yes!   All trip reports need to be logged in by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, May 20.

Q. Why don’t motorcycles or electric vehicles count?

They do if you have a passenger on board that normally would have driven their car that day. The main goal of the Business Commute Challenge is to take a car off the road, reducing trips in our region and to introduce people to alternative and active modes other than driving alone.  We appreciate the fact that you are reducing fuel consumption and green house gas emissions by your choice of transportation ….it’s all good!
Click on this link for prize donations. We are proud of the sponsors who believe in what we do and make the Business Commute Challenge possible. Please support them whenever you can.

Q. Do I have to use the mode of transportation listed on each day on the calendar of events? can use any mode you choose. However, we do encourage you to try as many modes as you can!

Email or call Cody at 541-682-6206.