Team Captains

Lead your team to victory!


Be green, create teamwork with your co-workers and have fun, all while helping the environment by being the Team Captain for your organization.

We provide the tools you need to lead your organization's team to victory. A Team Captain Kit will be delivered to you with a T-shirt, poster, free bus passes, and more. In addition we have other marketing tools at the link below to help you promote within.

Click HERE to Learn how to sign-up.

We are here to help you as a Team Captain with some helping tools:


Team Captain Kit:

When Team Captains sign-up, a BCC Team Captain Kit will be delivered to your team address.. BCC Team Kits will be delivered by bicycle or bus, April 10 through May 9 OR the Kit can be picked up at our Kick-off Party at Oakshire Brewing Public House on April 26 from 4:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. The Kit will contain giveaways, marketing tools, a T-shirt for you or as a prize, and informational materials for promoting the BCC to your team. Free LTD bus day-passes are included for your team if you are not already enrolled in the LTD group bus pass program


Marketing Tools:

We understand how hard it is for you as the Team Captain to handle the internal marketing, along with your current job, so this year we are going to make it easier!  Beginning mid-March, there will be pre-made emails, forms, logos, posters, etc available for you to use.  This way you don't have to spend the time drafting a "fun" marketing email - we will have already done that for you!


Event Assistance:

Want to host a sign-up party at your work or an information table but don't have time? Contact Cody at 541-682-6206 and we will have a staff person come assist!


Registering Teammates

We understand that some of your co-workers may not have access to email at work. It is now set-up so that Team Captains can register and log trips for a teammate if needed. Click on the sign-up button and fill in your teammates information on the my profile page. A unique user name must be used for each teammate, but use the team captains email and password. Then to report their trips for the week, enter the employees username, the team captains password, then report the commutes. To make it easier to enter and report for teammates who don’t have email, download a reporting form that can be filled out and handed in. There will be a copy of one in the Team Captain Kit. 

If this is a barrier to your team participating, please call Cody at 541-682-6206 and we will work together to make it happen.

We are happy to answer any questions and help in any way we can to make your job easier. If you have questions, or need assistance, please email us at or call Cody at 541-682-6206.