Testimonials - gotta love 'em!

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  • "The BCC gave me a chance to personally meet participants that I had never met in my building"
  • “I was already trying to commute to work by bike and the Business Commute Challenge helped motivate me to stay with it.”
  • “Thank you for all of your help! Our office had a great time on the challenge!”
  • “Thanks so much! This has been a fun challenge and has caused me to realize that biking and bussing are generally more pleasurable and will be a much larger part of my work commute in the future! "
  • "I loved the competitiveness it inspired in my guyes. Also, I heard several times this week how less traffic on the streets was noticed. Yay!"
  • "We all enjoyed the Challenge-- and will participate again next year.."
  • "...Thank you for organizing these fun and ecologically responsible events."
  • "I enjoyed the event and it's always nice to be around people who are enthusiastic about getting around by something other than driving alone."
  • "Thanks so much. I enjoyed the challenge and it has definitely changed how I commute to work.I really enjoyed the poker walkabout."