about the challenge

About the Business Commute Challenge (BCC)

Join a friendly competition - workplace against workplace - to see who can walk, bike, bus, carpool, or telecommute the most the week of May 9-15.The workplace with the highest participation wins, along with great prizes for individuals!

Whether you're a bus rider, you're thinking about trying bike commuting for the first time,or you want to have fun with your co-workers...this Challenge is for you!


Why join the BCC?

  • It's good for the environment
  • Saves money by driving less
  • Build teamwork among your co-workers/employees
  • Great for you and your employees health
  • Win great prizes!
  • To just have fun!

Last year, more than 1,900 local employees formed 175 teams took the Challenge. In just one week, the BCC participants reduced single -person car travel by 68,987 miles and reduced 70,2340 pounds of carbon dioxide and that means a healthier planet.


How do you join the BCC?

Registration goes live April 6. Choose someone to be your Team Captain, start spreading the word among your co-workers, and get pumped for the BCC to begin.

Think outside the car and join the adventure!


Send us an email if you want to receive updates and information on the BCC.




The BCC is managed by Point2point at Lane Transit District, the region’s Transportation Options program.