about the challenge

Want your employees to be healthy and happy?

Want to have fun, create a buzz around the water cooler, do some team building?

YES? Then the 2014 Business Commute Challenge is perfect for your organization!

What is it about?

  • It’s about exploring active/healthy transportation options.
  • It’s about driving less and saving money.
  • It’s a chance to win great prizes.
  • It’s about the fun factor!

The Business Commute Challenge (BCC) is an annual week-long, friendly competition amongst local area Eugene-Springfield businesses to see who can save the most non-drive alone trips in one week! (based on a formula) It's where employers and workplace teams join forces to turn the daily commute into a transportation adventure. Walk. Bike. Bus. Pool. Click.


Why join the Challenge?  

“… it was a blast! What a great event … great awards and especially great people. Thanks so much for ….. pulling this together and keeping everyone engaged throughout the week. We take this stuff seriously… not only to win each year… but to commit to being better stewards all year long. I’m thankful that we live in a community that shares the same values and this event brings us all together. Keep up the great work!” Kelley


Last year, more than 2,100 local employees formed 172 teams that represented 107 businesses took the Challenge. In just one week, the BCC participants reduced single -person car travel by 69,051 miles, reducing 70,700 pounds of carbon dioxide, and saving approximately $11,566* at today’s gas prices! That’s money that stays in their pocket and in our community. And that means a healthier planet. How cool is that?

Think outside the car and join the adventure!

Registration for the 2014 Business Commute Challenge is live! Trip reporting will begin on Saturday, May 10.

Send us an email if you want to be notified of the 2014 BCC events.


The BCC is managed by point2point, the region’s Transportation Options program.

*Calculated using a mid-size car that gets 20mg and gas at $3.35 a gallon.